How the Light Gets In 2020 Hay Festival


Facebook 31st January 2020 Rebecca Hurn‘s incredible vocals at Old Chapel studios this week 🤩 Keep your eyes peeled for her live studio session coming soon 👀

RobsRawMusic ‘Homesick’ 26th February 2019

The delicate tones and delicious melody really draws the listener into the song,I just find her voice mesmerising and hypnotic.

May 2019 at How The Light Gets In at The Hay Festival Shadow Secretary of State for Women & equality Dawn Butler MP on listening to ‘Waves’ was moved to tweet Rebecca 

 ‘I couldn’t wait to get home to listen to it so googled it on the train….it is beautiful. Telling your story of domestic abuse in song is so powerful and moving’

NewsoundWales ‘Brooklyn’ Review 12th November 2018

The song centres on finding new friendships and how equally exciting and frustrating those friendships can be when you’re separated by thousands and thousands of miles. “Brooklyn” is a gorgeous heartfelt song with strong haunting melody. The track was released 5thNovember and to coincide with the release she performed an acoustic set in the iconic Greenwich Village music venue The Bitter End.

Robs Raw Music ‘Brooklyn’ October 30th 2018

The way the lyrics are structured alongside the elegant instrumentation, result in the song being so easy to listen to and immediately becomes such a lovable song.

Frazer Wilks Sound Engineer at How The Light Gets In festival Hay on Wye 29/05/18

‘Rebecca’s set was one of the best sets I’ve heard here for the last four days’.

Charlie Ashcroft  Amazing Radio (09/04/18)

Released this Friday (09/04/2018) that’s Rebecca Hurn with ‘Waves’ the title track from her second EP which is doing the rounds at the moment and starting to turn quite a lot of heads. She’s getting some great write ups and it’s a stunning stunning new record….I really love that record – the undeniable talent on display, a very affecting song and obviously has all the hallmarks of an incredible song writer as well – Rebecca Hurn with ‘Waves’ on Amazing Radio.

Darren Griffiths Warner GTFM Radio Presenter on ‘WavesEP’

These tracks are excellent. Can’t wait for her to release them so I can play them on my show. I knew she had talent… but these tracks take it beyond that…emotive, beautiful and current… and yes, the production is spot on’

Adam Walton –  BBC Radio Wales 24/03/18

‘There’s a real emotional undertone there as well but clearly clearly beautiful and Rebecca Hurns voice is -I think – one of our national treasures as it were – and a new one – because normally national treasures status is bestowed on something that’s like ancient, but Rebecca Hurns voice has got something truly special – you know- about it.’

Rob Hurley Robs Raw Music ‘Waves’ 21/01/18

In Rebecca Hurn’s sophomore EP,Waves,the Porthcawl vocalist sheds her image of a young up an coming artist and reintroduces herself as a matured singer/songwriter ready to share her developed sound with the world.

It is obvious Rebecca took her time with Waves with thoughtful lyrics and intentional production. She has continued to mature musically since her last EP and hopefully this EP will escalate this talented young lady to the heights she richly deserves.