About Rebecca Hurn

Rebecca is a 25-year-old global award winning singer songwriter resident in Porthcawl South Wales, United Kingdom –  musically centred in Cardiff, Wales.

A beautifully thought provoking acoustic singer songwriter with contemporary, evocative vocals and relevant lyrics.

On June 22nd 2019 in New York City USA Rebecca was nominated for and received one of the Singer Songwriter category awards for her single ‘Waves’ Fellow nominees in her category included Dodie with 1.7 million monthly Spotify listeners.

Global award winner from all these countries submissions

(24/11/18) Rebecca was an ‘A’ listed artist on BBC Radio Wales with her  single ‘Brooklyn’

Rebecca was also ‘A’ listed on BBC Radio Wales for four weeks from April 13th 2018 when she released the single ‘Waves’

On March 29th 2018 at the Cardiff Music Awards via online public votes for nomination and post nomination later a panel of music industry experts awarded Rebecca the Best Solo Artist 2018 award.

Rebecca achieved early success with her debut EP ‘Lions’ in September 2015 reaching number 5 in the iTunes Singer/songwriter charts, passing established artists, Ed Sheeran, James Bay and George Ezra.

Her December 2016 recording of her original song ‘Lifeline’was released in late December 2016 and again charted in the top twenty in the iTunes Singer/songwriter charts.

On March 30th2017 at the Cardiff Music Awards via online public votes for nomination and post nomination voting later a panel of music industry experts awarded Rebecca the Best Single/EP 2017 award for ‘Lifeline’.

At the end of August 2017 Rebecca collaborated with producer Lee Jon House to record her follow up  EP ‘Waves’ Lee has previously engineered and / or produced for Amy Wadge, Cerys Matthews, Julian Lloyd Webber, Only Men Aloud, and XY&O who are one of the most streamed unsigned bands in the world at this time  (approximately 25 million streams)

‘Waves’EP – later released on April 13th 2018. (See press remarks) There is also a music video to accompany the critically acclaimed ‘Waves’. During April Rebecca was added to the BBC Radio Wales ‘A’ list and as a result had lots of airplay.

Adam Walton a presenter with BBC Radio Wales described Rebecca’s voice as a ‘National Treasure’ 

Charlie Ashcroft  Amazing Radio (09/04/18) said;

Released this Friday (09/04/2018) that’s Rebecca Hurn with ‘Waves’ the title track from her second EP which is doing the rounds at the moment and starting to turn quite a lot of heads. She’s getting some great write ups and it’s a stunning stunning new record….I really love that record – the undeniable talent on display, a very affecting song and obviously has all the hallmarks of an incredible song writer as well – Rebecca Hurn with ‘Waves’ on Amazing Radio.

Darren Griffiths-Warner presenter with Radio GTFM on hearing ‘Waves’samples prior to release;

‘These tracks are excellent. Can’t wait for her to release them so I can play them on my show. I knew she had talent… but these tracks take it beyond that…emotive, beautiful and current… and yes, the production is spot on’

Or as Rebecca herself wrote on her Facebook page regarding ‘Waves’

‘I wrote a song. I don’t know how far this post can reach, but I hope that it reaches enough people to make them realise that you are worth more than what you’re made to believe.’

‘Brooklyn’. This song was written whilst attending a five day song writing retreat in Phoenica, New York State, USA after being invited there by Judy Stakee ex head of Creative at Warner Chappell. Judy has also previously developed and worked with artists such as Sheryl Crow and Katy Perry.

Rebecca returned to the USA during the fall late October/November 2018 for a fortnight and performed a series of dates performing intimate acoustic sets at various venues in and around New York City to promote her latest single ‘Brooklyn’. Rebecca returned to New York in May 2019 with her newest single ‘Homesick’

Rebecca was also invited to showcase at the iconic ‘The Bitter End’ by the New York Songwriters Circle on 5th November 2018. This was the day of release and again Rebecca achieved a top 20 song in the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts with ‘Brooklyn’.

Rebecca has also scored two feature length films.

Rebecca will be playing intimate gigs and full on festivals throughout the UK, Europe, and North America through 2019. Either as a solo artist or with her band of three.

Rebecca has played the Lechlade Festival, England and the world renowned Music and Philosophy Festival at Hay on Wye, Powys, Wales, this was the ‘How the Light Gets In Festival’

It was at this festival the resident sound engineer Fraser Wilks stated Rebecca’s set was one of the best he’d heard all Festival.

So much so that at the 2019 festival at Hay Rebecca was the only performer to be given two performance slots in one day!

Rebecca has reached over half a million Facebook users alone with her original songs and covers.


Lions Is now Available from Apple, Amazon and HMV – If you want to purchase a physical copy of the CD you can buy from Amazon. The CD will be available in major stores Asda and Tesco soon.

Below is a list of Rebecca’s upcoming performance’s and gigs. If you would like Rebecca to play at an event please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the site including dates, times and location of your event .

No upcoming shows scheduled

Waves (Acoustic)

‘Waves’ IWD 2019 #BalanceforBetter

Waves #BalanceforBetter

You are worth more than what you’re made to believe.

Rebecca’s 13th April 2018 release of her original song ‘Waves’ is a beautifully crafted song. ‘Waves’ could be pigeon holed as a ‘break up’ song, however ‘Waves’ is now being regarded and acclaimed as a ‘break out’ song.

The opening lyrics set the scene in a dramatic way that any person subjected to coercive control or bullying in any form will immediately recognise:-

‘driving home in the fast lane, keeping out of your way

tears running down my face, always the same

tell myself its the last time, wont be changing my mind

you don’t get to rewind all your mistakes’

The melody and voice is captivating but then Rebecca goes onto sing

‘your hands locked on tight, a strong tangled vine

I could not escape your pain

I’d scream and I’d shout, no words could come out

At least you made me feel that way’

The listener can understand how the relentless controlling described in the narrative makes the recipient of that behaviour feel the way Rebecca is expressing herself. The emotional turmoil and pain is laid bare in her lyrics.

It is at this point that the songs chorus is first used – it is empowering, it is a metaphoric key unlocking and describing freeing herself from the emotional ‘Waves’ that the perpetrators actual behaviour is causing. She juxtaposes actual departure

‘so stay this far away

watch me sail away

watch me sail away

keep your hands at bay

keep your distant gaze

did you think I’d stay?

cause your love was never safe in the waves, babe’

Rebecca continues reflectively:-

‘looking back over our time, you would always catch fire

you don’t get to be my moth to the flame

did you think it was okay – treat somebody this way?

sleeping with your outrage kept me awake

and its hard to believe that I couldn’t see

I was playing with a loaded gun

so say what you want, believe it or not

but the bravest thing I did was run’

So it is at this point where Rebecca is telling people through her searingly honest lyrics that sometimes the bravest thing to do is run. She is urging people to realise that you don’t have to acquiesce to the seemingly continual demeaning of yourself by other people, who claim to love you, respect you – but are in fact controlling and bullying – she is stating you can actually break out, break the circle and free yourself.

To finish Rebecca asks the simple question underscored by a refrain of the chorus:-

did you think I’d stay?

cause your love was never safe in the waves, babe’

The song was written before the #MeToo phrase gained traction popularised by Alyssa Milano and other celebrities in 2017 on Twitter but it fits in perfectly with people affected and victimised by controlling behaviours. It is not a break up sad song it is a song delivering strength and self enabling power, it is a celebration of reclaiming your own self worth.

Her first live performance of this song was an acoustic solo in front of hundreds of people at the Chwarae Teg Womenspire 2017 event at the Millennium Theatre Cardiff. Chwarae Teg is Wales’ leading gender equality charity celebrating the achievements of women from all backgrounds and stages in life or work across Wales.

‘Waves’ was recorded in August 2017 and two versions of it appear on her 13th April 2018 EP release – unsurprisingly titled ‘Waves’

As Rebecca says on her facebook profile:-

“I wrote a song. I don’t know how far this post can reach, but I hope that it reaches enough people to make them realise that you are worth more than what you’re made to believe”

Waves Video https://youtu.be/bigXS28CUHo

Press Release ‘Waves’ – Global Award

Rebecca Hurn 


July 20th 2019

UK singer songwriter Rebecca Hurn Is Among The Year’s Most Exceptional Artists & Releases 
Honored in New York City at The Global 17th Annual Independent Music Awards


IMA Awards 22nd June NYC

Singer Songwriter Rebecca Hurn received top honors in the Folk/Singer-Songwriter Song category for her original song ‘Waves’ at The 17th annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential program for independent artists and releases across the world. 

What makes this International award most noteworthy for Rebecca are factors outside the submitted work that are not considered (social media following, plays/spins/views, past accomplishments, charting history, gig history, etc.)

Emphasis may vary from category to category, but submissions are consequently based on elements such as vocal performance, musicianship, lyrics, structure, arrangement, production, originality, etc.

In todays digital age algorithms play no part, judges actually listen to the music, vocals and lyrics rather than look at the numbers.

(For the number crunchers Rebecca consequently received the award for her song ‘Waves’ from others in her category who had hundreds of thousands of followers with one fellow nominee on Spotify with just under 1.7 million monthly listeners.)

WAVES:- https://smarturl.it/WavesEPListenBuy

Rebecca is an independent 24-year-old singer songwriter from Porthcawl, South Wales performing mainly in the United Kingdom and recently four extended visits to New York, USA to write and perform her own original music.

Rebecca achieved other noteworthy critical acclaim with younger work, where her debut EP ‘Lions’ September 2015 reaching number 5 in the iTunes Singer/songwriter charts. Her previous singles ‘Homesick’ and Brooklyn have both reached the UK Singer-Songwriter Top 40. 

Awards for original song writing include best original song for ‘Lifeline’

This song also gained Best ‘Single/EP’ of the year  Cardiff Music Awards 2017.

Cardiff Music Awards 2018: Best solo artist.

EP Waves’ – released April 2018 –‘Waves’ was selected as song of the week for the BBC Wales ‘A-List’ and stayed there for several weeks, as well as gaining radio play across the entire nation. Waves’ EP debuted in the Top 20 singer-songwriter album charts and also reached the Top 50 as a single release too. 

‘Waves’ single was one of six nominations from 1000’s of submissions from across the globe which was up for consideration at the Independent Music Awards singer/songwriter category New York 22ndJune 2019. 

Global submissions

Rebecca was honoured at the annual awards ceremony held in New York City on Saturday, June 22nd alongside projects by Beyond Creation, Broken Rail, Ella Vos, Erik Scott, Juliana Hatfield, Lucy Wainwright Roche, Mamita Peyote, Masta Ace and Marco Polo, Miss Tara, Ne Obliviscaris, Nina Attal, Pedro Luìs, Prateek Kuhad and Rogério Caetano, among many others.

The winning submissions were selected by judging panels comprised of top recording talent including: Tom Waits, Lee Ann Womack, Robert Smith, Nicole Atkins, Todd Rundgren, Martha Wash and Jim Brickman, among many others; and certainly influential press, managers and talent buyers from the Americas, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Ten nominated bands performed at the award show: Ale JiménezAlicia Michilli, Bombay Rickey, Between Giants, Claudia Acuña, Low Lily, Mark Erelli, Nsimbi, Shadow of Whales and Shon Weathers performed between award presentations in 104 music, video and visual design categories.  Bombay Rickey, Between Giants, Low Lily, Mark Erelli, Nsimbi and Shadow of Whales were also among this year’s Winners.

A limited edition red vinyl record inscribed with artists and project names, were presented by current judges and past recipients who included: åMBe, Roman Miroshenko, Fiona Bloom, Fiona Joy, Jackknife Stiletto, Jan Bell, Jana Fisher, Jim Brickman Jeff Oster, Lucy Kalantari and Martha Wash.

The award show was the climax of The IMAs Indie Konference, a two-day convention of independent creatives and influencers from around the globe.

As Rebecca herself posted on the day of release for Waves:-

I wrote a song. I don’t know how far this post can reach, but I hope that it reaches enough people to make them realise that you are worth more than what you’re made to believe.’ 

Then in May 2019 a tweet to Rebecca from Dawn Butler Member of Parliament & Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equality:-

‘I couldn’t wait to get home to listen to it so googled it on the train….it is beautiful. Telling your story of domestic abuse in song is so powerful and moving’.


Now in its 18th year, the Independent Music Awards produced by Music Resource Group elevate the year’s most exceptional music projects. This includes self-released and indie label talent from around the world – in all styles and mediums. Known for championing artists who follow their muse, the prestigious award honors artists and artistry, rather than streaming stats or social reach, in more than 100 Album, EP, Song, Music Video, Producer and Visual Design categories.

Program winners and nominees are an eclectic mix of extraordinary artists and includes: Amy Lee, Killer Mike, Valerie June, J.D. McPherson, Meghan Trainor, Nik West, Passenger, Macy Gray, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, RuPaul, John McEuen, Sofia Rei, Jamie Lidell, Flying Lotus, and fun.among many, many more.

Winning projects are selected by panels of iconic Artists which have included Keith Richards, Tom Waits, Aimee Mann, M’shell Ndegeocello, Norah Jones, Chris Thile, Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega, Snoop Dogg, Melissa Etheridge, Buddy Guy, Ozzy Osborne, among many others; and programmers, talent buyers, music supervisors and other influencers worldwide.

Rebecca Hurn 2019 Singer Songwriter category ‘Waves’

WAVES:-  https://smarturl.it/WavesEPListenBuy

Independent Music Awards 2019 – Press release

Rebecca Hurn 17th IMA nominee

June 20th 2019

Rebecca Hurn Is Among the Year’s Most Exceptional Music Projects Nominated in 
The 17th Annual Independent Music Awards

April 10, 2019 singer songwriter Rebecca Hurn based out of Porthcawl, South Wales, United Kingdom was named today by Music Resource Group (MRG) today as a Nominee in The 17th annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs) in the Folk Singer / songwriter category for her song ‘WAVES’


Rebecca is only the 2nd artist/band from Wales to be nominated in this category the first being Martyn Joseph in 2012 for ‘There’s Always Maybe’

The influential awards program for independent artists and releases. Innovative self-released and indie label projects – in all styles and mediums were nominated by fans and industry panelists in 103 Album, Song, EP, Music Producer, Music Videoand Designcategories that were culled from thousands of submissions worldwide.

Nominated along with Rebecca is an eclectic mix of work by established artists and emerging talent from around the globe. More than 400 artists will be honored at The 17th IMA ceremony on June 22 in New York City including: Masta Ace & Marco Polo, Miss Tara, Prateek Kuhad, Foreigner, Juliana Hatfield, The Motels, Mark Erelli, Ella Vos, Maria Muldaur, QUOR, Pedro Luís, Bleu, Nsimbi, Marta Gómez, Firkin, Bombay Ricky, Jackknife Stiletto, Lucy Wainwright Roche, David Chesky, and Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats.

Click here for a full list of the 17th IMA Nominees

The winning projects will be selected by judging panels of top recording artists including: Tom Waits, Lee Ann Womack, Robert Smith,Gloria Gaynor, Boyce Avenue, Martha Wash, Ben Lovett and Todd Rundgren, among many others; and influential press and talent buyers from the Americas, Europe and Pacific Rim.

17th IMA WINNERS ANNOUNCED at Symphony Space Performing Arts Center, New York City, USA.
The year’s best self-released and indie label projects will be announced June 22nd from the Symphony Space stage during The IMAs Indie Konference in New York City. Now in its third year, the annual conference for Artists, Artivists and Artistpreneurs draws hundreds of top-ranked creatives from around the globe for awards, performances, workshops and networking events. Honors will be presented in between performances by nominated artists. 

IMA winners will be promoted to nearly one billion music fans via online & broadcast promotions, performance and distribution opportunities. Details and complete list of Nominees and Judges available at: IndependentMusicAwards.com

Artistry. Diversity. Excellence.
Now in its 18th year, The Independent Music Awards – produced by Music Resource Group – honor the year’s most exceptional and artistically daring music projects from self-released and indie label talent from around the globe. 

Program winners and nominees are extraordinary artists at every stage of their careers. Previous honorees include Passenger,Amy Lee, Killer Mike, Valerie June, Meghan Trainor, Passenger, RuPaul, Jackson Browne, Team Me, Radio Radio, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Girl in a Coma, Masta Ace, Pokey LaFarge, Nik West, The Mud Howlers, The Apples in stereo, fun., and JD McPherson among many others.

Submissions for The 18th annual Independent Music Awards will be open in the summer of 2019. Details available at www.IndependentMusicAwards.com

Indpendent Music Awards 2019

17th Global Independent Music Awards New York City

Rebecca has been nominated in the 2019 Independent Music Awards in the Folk Singer Songwriter Category for her song ‘Waves’

The 17th awards are being presented to the recipients at the Symphony Space Performing Arts Center 2537 Broadway at 95thStreet New York

Earning an Independent Music Award is more than just a badge of distinction.

The IMAs – the awards program for independent bands, fans and brands – connects independent artists with new audiences and revenue opportunities.

The IMAs leverages its unrivalled access to performance, promotion & distribution opportunities to place winners & nominees in front of 50 million music fans, programmers, talent buyers, film, TV & gaming music supervisors, retailers, media outlets and licensing opportunities.

Now in its 17th year, The IMAs honour the most exceptional music, video, concert photography and designs by established and emerging talent. And connects them to a wider audience.

Iconic Artists, Music Fans, Programmers, Press, Music Supervisors & Talent Buyers throughout the Americas, Europe and Pacific Rim choose the year’s best self-released & indie label projects

Rebecca is one of six globally nominated artists in this category – the only other artist from Wales to be previously recognised in Rebecca’s category is Martyn Joseph. So Rebecca is in great company. Previous recipients in this category include Passenger.

Rebecca will be walking the red carpet at about the same time Adam Walton will be presenting his Adam Walton Show on BBC Radio Wales Saturday night. Around about midnight. Adam was the first presenter to air ‘Waves’ on his radio show in 24thMarch 2018 saying:-

‘There’s a real emotional undertone there as well but clearly clearly beautiful and Rebecca Hurns voice is,I think, one of our national treasures as it were – and a new one- because normally national treasures status is bestowed on something that’s like ancient, but Rebecca Hurns voice has got something truly special – you know- about it’

Judges this year include:-

Tom Waits

Lee Ann Womack

Robert Smith

Todd Rundgren

Ben Lovett (Mumford & Sons)

David Rosenthal (Musical director for Billy Joel)

Trist Curless (Manhattan Transfer)

Gloria Gaynor

Rebecca makes Hay Philosophy and Music Festival

How The Light Gets In Line up
How The Light Gets In Hay Festival 2019
Rebecca Hurn Solo + Rebecca Hurn Band

Over 100 music & performance acts, 12 stages, all-day disco, DJs and parties late into every night…

Our music programme is what makes HowTheLightGetsIn unique. From enchanting solo singers to exhilarating dance, all day and night, you’ll find our idyllic riverside site alive with the music that fills the air. 

“An ambitious event….the music lineup would shame your average summer festival”
The Independent  



HowTheLightGetsIn is built on spine-tingling, life-affirming moments that stay with you for the rest of the year. Come to Hay-on-Wye and step into a playground for the soul.

See Listen Buy BROOKLYN all in one place



Judy Stakee is a music publisher, artist mentor, author and speaker based in Los Angeles,

California, who has signed and developed artists including Katy Perry and Sheryl Crow. Judy

was the Senior Vice-President of Creative at Warner Chappell Music from 1989 to 2009.

Judy got to hear Rebecca’s music and got in touch saying that she really liked Rebecca’s

voice and melody lines and invited Rebecca to take part in one of her Song writing retreats

in Phoenica New York State USA.

Rebecca took up the invitation and spent 10 days in the USA including several days in New

York City after the Phoenica retreat. It was on the plane on the way home to London that

inspired the song which was penned there and then on the flight back.

It’s really about finding new friendships and how equally exciting and frustrating those

friendships can be when you’re separated by thousands and thousands of miles.

This theme also runs through the CD sleeve design cover where artist Megan Elsey has

portrayed a couple under the stars combining the New York and London skylines in the


Brooklyn was recorded at the Woodcroft studios, Cardiff Bay during the last week of August

where Rebecca teamed up with producer Lee House who was her producer for her 2nd EP

‘Waves’, backing vocals were provided by Porthcawl singer songwriter Elis Thomas.

Brooklyn the single is released today November 5th 2018 and after being invited by the New

York Songwriters Circle Rebecca is once again in New York on release day where she will be

performing an acoustic set in the iconic Greenwich Village music venue The Bitter End on

147 Bleeker Street where music legends such as James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie

Wonder, Taylor Swift, Joan Armatrading and Bob Dylan have performed.

‘Brooklyn’ is available from 5th November 2018 on all digital platforms including iTunes

where today Rebecca was one of only three unsigned artists in the top 60 of the UK iTunes

Singer Songwriter chart reaching number 18.

There are a limited number of CD’s available which includes the bonus Brooklyn ( Demo

Version) by contacting Rebecca directly.


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